Light is the most important aspect of any photograph, both the quantity
and quality of the light which should appear natural and flattering,
whether it’s available light or created with flash. Incorrect use of on-camera
flash flattens facial features and creates harsh shadows. A professional
should not create photos with red eye under any circumstances.

The colors should look natural and be rich in tone. Black and white images
should contain rich grays and detail in both the darkest and lightest areas
of the image. The composition should draw your eye into the photo and create
impact. You should react to the image.

Candid photos should ‘’capture the moment’’ at the height of expression or
action, and the subjects of posed photos should appear relaxed and at ease, never
awkward or stiff.

Backgrounds should not detract from the subject of the photo. You should notice the
subject(s). There should be a variety of long range photographs, medium range photos,
and close up images. Portraits should be a variety of full length, 3/4 length and closeups.