There are basically three wedding photography styles –


Wedding photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism has been so popular for so long
that almost anything seems to be called ‘’photojournalism’’
these days. The photojournalist tells the story of the wedding
without orchestrating or staging the photos, staying in the
background and capturing the events of the day. This sounds
much simpler than it really is, and often couples find they
want ‘’some’’ direction and ‘’some’’ posed photos with the
bridal party, family etc.


Traditional wedding photography

The traditional wedding photographer relies heavily on posed well lit
photos, maybe even reenacting the events of the day. Traditional wedding
photographers often work from a ‘’shoot list’’ directing the bridal party
and guests. The finished photos are beautiful, well lit, timeless photos but the
style tends to be rather rigid, and the photos might look predictable. Your wedding
may well look like every other wedding.


Illustrative wedding photography

Illustrative style wedding photographers think in terms of
design elements by placing their subjects in interesting compositions.
Good use of natural or artificial light is a trait of this style of wedding
photography. The photographer provides direction and the couples together
with their bridal party are encouraged to interact. This results in a more spontaneous
feel. Much illustrative wedding photography is really a combination of
photojournalism and traditional wedding photography done very well.