You want a photojournalist who will record your wedding day as it unfolds
without orchestrating the photos. You’ll want to make it clear to your family,
your bridal party, and your guests that the photographer will not be staging
events or posing photos during the day. The photographer will remain in
the background and shoot unobtrusively. This is very difficult for many wedding
photographers. They can’t shoot from a “shoot list” when asked to work this way.


Keep in mind there are posed photos and then there are POSED PHOTOS. In my
experience, when engaged couples say this they really mean they don’t want a
photographer, or a wedding planner for that matter, to take charge and stage
manage their wedding by directing the activities. They still want to be “posed” for
formal or informal portraits and family photos.


Many “candid” wedding photos are actually posed by a skilled photographer who,
at the very least suggests an activity or a location that will make great looking images.