People ask me how they can take better photos. The answer is simple – get closer.  
To quote photojournalist Robert Capa , “If your pictures aren't good enough, then you're not close enough.” 
Capa knew something about photography. He was once called the Greatest War Photographer in the world. He covered World War II in Europe and  went ashore in France with the Allied troops during the D-Day Invasion. He knew something about getting closer too because he was killed when he stepped on a land mine in Indochina in 1954. 
Fill the frame. Get as close as you think you can, and then move a little closer. 
Regardless of what type of camera you own or how old it is or how many accessories 
you own or much you paid for them you can take some amazing photographs if you just 
get closer. 
Capa also helped to found Magnum. To read more about him go to: