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A Photo a Day

Posted by Mike Voss on Tuesday, December 6, 2016, In : events 
Back in August I got the bright idea to post "an interesting" photo everyday for a year to my facebook page. Now I know it's not an original idea, but I thought it would be fun. Well I was wrong. It's not fun. It's been a huge challenge, and I admit there have been days when I was really straining to find a photograph to upload but today is the 101st day and this is the 101st photograph. You can see more by searching Mike Voss on facebook. My feed is public so you can hang around if you like.
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Winter at Last

Posted by Mike Voss on Sunday, January 17, 2016,
We have been lucky because this winter has been very mild in the mid western USA until now. However Mother Nature has decided to remind us what the "normal" winter is like. The temperature outside now is 6 degrees, but because of the wind it feels like 13 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Yikes and it's supposed to be even worse tomorrow. There will be some interesting cold weather photos to be made I'm sure. 
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What if we don’t want any posed photos of our wedding?

Posted by Mike Voss on Saturday, December 1, 2012, In : wedding photography 

You want a photojournalist who will record your wedding day as it unfolds
without orchestrating the photos. You’ll want to make it clear to your family,
your bridal party, and your guests that the photographer will not be staging
events or posing photos during the day. The photographer will remain in
the background and shoot unobtrusively. This is very difficult for many wedding
photographers. They can’t shoot from a “shoot list” when asked to work this way.


Keep in mind there are...

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Ask permission before taking a photo. You bet.

Posted by Mike Voss on Wednesday, May 23, 2012, In : improving your photography 

Ask permission before taking someone’s photo.


I know a photographer who took a photo of a woman and her daughter
walking under an umbrella in the rain. I’m told the images were nicely backlit.
Because it was raining he shot through an open window in his car and when
mom saw him he introduced himself and explained what he was doing.
 She went ballistic. She yelled and screamed and called the police.


Legally the mom had no basis to be upset, because she and her daughter
were in a pub...

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