Recently I shot a story for a consumer magazine. It's not the first time, and I hope it won't
be the last, because the pay is pretty good. Non-photographer friends think this, "is cool".
They are impressed, and they think this must be fun. Photographers, on the other hand
ask with some trepidation, "How did that go?". Those who have done this sort of shoot
before know how stressful these can be.

There's a sort of stage fright involved. Thinking that millions of readers will see
your images with your name on them can be a bit daunting. At the very least you know
a team of people are counting on you and waiting to see your results. You really don't want
to let them down, even if you don't know them. I have known a photographer to throw up, and
I have heard of a photographer sitting in a motel room weeping. Once you get started shooting 
adrenalin kicks in and ideas and photos start flowing.

This shoot required two camera bodies, three lenses, an on-camera flash, a set of studio
lights, a monopod, a reflector, and an assistant. It took an hour to get there. Two hours
to set up and shoot, and an hour to get home.

I shot a little more than four hundred images, selected eight, and I imagine two will be published.
By the way it was 90 plus degrees and we were shooting outside, trying to keep the subjects in
the shade because we all know people in magazines don't sweat. Photographers do.