I was recently reminded of the power of the snapshot.
I lost a good friend not long ago. He had been sick and I had watched him suffer.
Shortly after he died, his daughter asked if I could share some photos of him
with his family for a memorial service.

I started searching for digital files and prints, looking at photos,
and reliving some good times with a good friend. We spent a lot of time together
and I always had a camera with me. The photos are not great art, but they are great.
They made me feel much better.

At the service where the photos were displayed his daughter told me how much she loved
that particular photo. She said it made her cry remembering her dad the way
she wanted to remember him. I think we forget the power of still photos even just a snapshot or two.

As for me I'm going to continue lugging a camera around with me,
and I think maybe I'll search back through my files for photos of some of the family
and friends who are still around. Maybe I'll even share the images with them.