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Shutter speed with your aperture

Posted by Mike Voss on Friday, April 26, 2013, In : improving your photography 
Like your aperture, the shutter speed you set on your camera also controls the amount of light
reaching your digital media. Yes, a "faster shutter speed" will freeze the action in your photo, but
it will also allow less light to reach the digital media.
To continue with the metaphor of the room and the window, if you leave the curtains open for an hour you allow more light (cumulatively) into the room than if you leave them open for half an hour. That’s how your camera’s
shutter speed works ...

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The Cheetos people are watching out for us!

Posted by Mike Voss on Monday, April 15, 2013, In : events 

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What is my aperture?

Posted by Mike Voss on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, In : improving your photography 
Aperture refers to the opening, which is actually located in your lens,
that allows light to enter your camera. To understand how it works,
imagine that you are in a darkened room with a window covered by
curtains. If you open the curtains, light enters the room. The wider you
open the curtains the more light enters the room. If you close the curtains
the room becomes dark again. You are controlling the amount of light entering
the room the same way you adjust your aperture to control the light ...
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