I am not a bowler. That is to say I'm not good at it, but we're doing a story on an old bowling alley that has been closed for years. It looks like they closed the place in a hurry and left a lot of stuff inside. Of course I'm not sure what one would do with dozens of dusty bowling balls and bowling pins which are scattered about the place. I'm wandering around in the cold because there is no heat and no electricity , trying to avoid getting the reporter in my photos. I am using the flashlight app on my cell phone to keep from falling on my face, and I am crawling around the old pin setters when I hear a noise behind me. The flashlight isn't strong enough to light the area, but it occurs  to me that this might be a perfect hiding place for...rats. In addition to not being a bowler, I'm not a fan of rodents, so it was pretty quickly bye bye bowling alley. It still gives me the creeps.