Another Earth Day

April 23, 2017



April 6, 2017

 They say in a democracy we get the leaders we deserve. If you don't vote you shouldn't be allowed to complain about the people making the decisions that impact your life and the lives of your family.
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The healing power of art

March 23, 2017
A few years ago a friend opened a free health clinic to help the disadvantaged, and an artist was commissioned to paint a mural on the outside of the building. Despite the dire need for such a clinic, it was forced to close its doors, and now all that remains of the clinic is the mural on the side of an empty building.
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March 10, 2017
Some times you just need a cheeseburger and a beer or two...
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A visitor

March 1, 2017
This little guy and his friends come by to visit every afternoon and sun themselves on the screens of our porch. The odd thing is I only see them when I'm in the shade on the porch taking a break from sunning myself.
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70 Degrees in February in the Chicago area

February 23, 2017
This is what 70 degrees on a Saturday looks like in the month of February near Chicago when the norm is around 25 degrees with a howling 40 mile an hour wind and horizontal snow stinging your face.
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There are news stories and then there are news stories...

February 11, 2017
Some stories are fun to shoot because they're important to people, and some stories are fun to shoot because they're just fun - like spending a day at a brewery. The challenge in this instance is to make effective photographs with a camera in one hand and a beer in the other. I get paid to do this stuff!
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What is going on here?

February 5, 2017
Sometimes photos ask questions without providing answers
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Fully Involved

January 28, 2017
This is what firefighters mean when they say a fire was "fully involved" when they arrived. Luckily, in this instance a man, a woman and two children were able to climb out of a window before help arrived.
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Welcome to America

January 21, 2017
Everyone seems to have a point of view they are too happy to share. My god people, do you hear yourselves? Most of what I am hearing and reading seems to be "Hooray for our side. We are right. They are wrong!"
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